Far from the beaten path, a place exists that is spoken only in the whispers of intimate conversations. You won’t find it on a map or in a travel guide, and so it remains untarnished by tourists. It is that little haven you have been yearning for; a place where you can slow down and truly enjoy your stay.

You want to keep this place to yourself, but you can’t help sharing it with the few special people you care about. You can’t adequately describe this place to them; words don’t do it justice. You have to show them, and so it begins.

We are the citizens of Town 30. We are photographers, engineers, and people of passion, who do not believe in compromise. At Town 30, we know that products do not have to sacrifice functionality to stay beautiful. We believe that through engineering, ingenuity, materials, and craftsmanship, we can make the best products on the market; products that suit your lifestyle and beyond your needs.

Instead of designing a bag that simply holds photography gear, we have incorporated the photography experience into the design and functionality of our products. The internal organization design make it possible to connect your daily life with photography.  And that is what makes Town 30 camera bags, truly, camera bags.






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