Disagreed to Agree! The best camera for street photography

You need the right gear for the right job. So what camera should you bring for street photography? Martin U Waltz from Peta Pixels wrote an article about this and nailed it! Here's what he said, and why we can choose a totally different camera set up and still be in agreement. 

Ricoh GR. This is the camera Martin chose to be his ideal street photography camera. I personally don't have experience with the Ricoh. Being a DSLR kinda guy, this is the set up I usually choose. Although Martin and I have different preferences, we are still in absolute agreement.

Gear setup:

Body -Nikon D610 

Lens -Nikon 58mm f1.4 G


The Nikon D610 is one of Nikon's smallest and lightest Full Frame DSLR. Providing you with the best image quality to weight ratio. 24 Megapixel is also great for cropping purposes. Now size and lightness is very subjective to the photographer, I just happen to find the D610 to be a great size for me.

The lens is a more interesting choice. The Nikon 58mm f1.4 has mixed reviews. The focal length is slightly longer than the classic 50mm which may feel odd at times. It's also true that wide open the results is on the soft side. However, street photography is not about pixel peeping. Its about capturing the moment and getting the feel of the scene just right. The 58mm nails this as the bokeh it produces is as smooth as Sinatra. Personally I love this lens even more for shooting videos wide open. 

On to the main point. Martin and I chose completely different set ups, however our conclusions are the same. The best camera for street photography, is the camera you like best. 

This theory doesn't just apply to street photography, but to photography in general for any beginners. The truth is that if you don't love carrying your camera, if the weight or size turns you off from taking it with you, then your skills will never get honed. On the other hand, if you love large cameras and the quality of it is what drives you, a compact point and shoot might not do it for you. 

The conclusion:

Get a camera that you enjoy using, use it lots, and you will be able to capture those  beautiful street photography moments. 

For Martin's full article: Click here

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