How to create your very own planet... In 3 steps!

Do you want to read a long (yet witty, because that's how we roll) intro on how to make these fantastic planets or do you want to get started? Cool, that's what we thought.

Planet Florence

Here are the steps:

1. Take a panorama photo

2. Transform photo into a square and rotate 180 degrees

3. Apply the polar coordinate filter.

Simple right? Let's get into it.

STEP 1: Take a panorama photo

We feel like most of you know this already. So we won't go in depth. However there are a few things to keep in mind regarding the composition. We will explain more of that at the end of the article as it will make more sense. 


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The 3 simple steps to improve your photography

In Town 30, we do quite a lot photography. Products, landscapes, portraits, name it. Of course we had to start somewhere. Here we tell you the 3 unconventional steps that got us from:

Actual progress photos

Posts like this usually give you a few camera tricks. Today we will give you something different. It doesn't matter how new you are at photography, and it doesn't matter what gear you have. If you are able to follow these 3 basic steps, you will soar. That's a Town 30 guarantee.

STEP 1 - Shoot, shoot more.

This one is the fundamental step to photography, and most things in life. If you want to get good at something you have to get up and do it, A LOT.

We've all seen this. A friend goes out and buys a camera and declares: "I am picking up photography as a hobby!". But a new camera is a lot like a gym in January. It gets used a lot in the first month. Then, perhaps not so much. We will give you tips on this in another post.


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