Disagreed to Agree! The best camera for street photography

You need the right gear for the right job. So what camera should you bring for street photography? Martin U Waltz from Peta Pixels wrote an article about this and nailed it! Here's what he said, and why we can choose a totally different camera set up and still be in agreement. 

Ricoh GR. This is the camera Martin chose to be his ideal street photography camera. I personally don't have experience with the Ricoh. Being a DSLR kinda guy, this is the set up I usually choose. Although Martin and I have different preferences, we are still in absolute agreement.

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Death by selfie: 8 ways it happens and how to stay alive.

It's official, the most dangerous form of photography is: THE SELFIE.

But how? The short and quick answer is, "show-off-manship"

Zachary Crockett from Priceonomics put together some very interesting data on selfie related deaths. Let's start with how it happens:

Source: Zachary Crockett/ Priceonomics  

It should be no surprise that falling from heights causes the majority of fatalities. We've all seen the impressive selfies from on top of skyscrapers, mountain tops, and cranes and thought: "Jeez, I hope they don't fall". Well some do, and it can be deadly.

Surprising selfie fatalities include grenades, and plane crashes. Although, we would've appreciated knowing which animal we should avoid taking a selfie with. Maybe a honey badger? So how serious is this fatal selfie situation?

Seems like there are more selfie deaths than Mount Everest, shark attacks, and marijuana combined. Given the statistics, there should be a documentary on selfies arriving in a theatre near you very soon. After all everything else on the list already has it's own documentary. This vending machine documentary is particularly interesting.

In light of the seriousness of the situation, we've put together a list to tips on how to stay alive when tackling the treacherous selfie.

1. Be safe/smart/aware of surroundings

2. Stay away from taking selfies with vending machines, sharks, and during erotic asphyxiation. The odds do not stack well.

3. Get a friend to take your photo (so they can call you out when you're about to do something stupid. And possible call for help if you do anyways)

Bottomline: We get it, we all like to do silly and adventurous things in front of the camera. But please try not to die while taking a selfie. 

Check out more selfie statistics from -> Source: Priceonomics


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